We are currently working on a new home building project on Kalamalka Lake in Vernon. We demolished the existing house and are now building the new home.
Hometown Enterprises is a Vernon home builder that takes great pride in every project we do. As a small-volume builder, we're uniquely capable of providing the kind of personal attention that your project deserves. We have experienced contractors and long-term suppliers which allows us to provide outstanding levels of service and workmanship. We are educated, courteous, innovative, ambitious and customer satisfaction is #1.

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We believe that all contractors should be ticketed tradesmen—this shows both experience as well as dedication. We also believe that contracting should be their full time job, not something that they do on the side. There are many under qualified people in the industry trying to be contractors and there are just as many disappointed clients paying way too much money for a substandard product. Anyone can be a contractor, but the ones with training and experience do a much better job.

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Contracts benefit both parties by clearly defining the scope of work, time frame, cost and how unforeseen problems and/or extras are handled. It covers contractor obligations – WCB coverage, business license, liability insurance and guarantee.  It will also cover client obligations — having financing in place, payment due dates or stages of construction, informing their insurance company of the work they are about to do, having belongings move out prior to construction.  A good contract is fair to both parties.

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There are many things that a homeowner can do before selecting a contractor/builder that can help both parties to accurately understand a project.
  • Determine budget
  • Timeframe
  • Finalize design or prepare photos and ideas to work with contractor/builder
  • Know your likes & dislikes
  • Identify absolute needs vs wish list
  • Confirm Property Zoning – The homeowner can provide their address to the planning department at the City, Municipality or Regional District related the their project and the department will provide important information needed to begin the project.
  • Title Search – This will find out if there are easements or right of ways on the property.
  • Determine utility locations on property as well as where they enter the house. For example: water, sewer, hydro, gas, telephone and cable.
  • Obtain access to a survey of the property showing the location of the existing buildings. The homeowner can do this with the selected builder since they usually have a favorite.
  • Have legal description of property can get this from a Yearly Property Assessment Notice
  • Financing (if necessary)
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Selecting a contractor can feel like a daunting task. Sometimes a person doesn’t know where to start. Here are a few questions that can help make the process a bit easier:
  • Who are the key people that will be working on the project? How long have they been with the company? What are their qualifications? Do they have trade tickets & certification?
  • Does the company use the same sub trades for every project? A company that has an established            relationship with their sub trades provides consistency and added reliability during a project.
  • Do they require a contract? A contract that clarifies responsibilities and details related to the project is important for both parties.
  • Do they take care of permits for each element of the project?
  • How is billing handled? For example, do they have an hourly rate and how do they handle extras? This should all be covered in the contract.
  • Are all of the workers covered with WCB? Is the company in good standing with WCB? Proof of this should be provided.
  • Does the company carry liability insurance? How much? Proof of this should be provided.
  • How much of a down payment is required upon signing the contract? 10% is a reasonable amount. If a company requests more than this, it could be a sign of cash flow problems, which can escalate into bigger problems such as unfinished work.
  • What is the guarantee on material and workmanship?
  • How do you handle warranty issues and who is responsible for dealing with them?
  • Can the company provide references for both the company and the suppliers?
  • Can the company provide samples of their work?
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There are a number of factors a person should consider when selecting a company to work on their renovation or construction project. Here are few of the most important:
·       How many years have they been working in the area?
·       Do they have relevant experience with the project?
·       Do they hear what you are saying (communication skills)?
·       Are they compatible with you?
·       Are they financially stable?
·       Do they appear to be honest?
·       Are they reliable?
·       Are they respectful?
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We enjoy participating in project within the community to build a better future.  On March 24, 2010 we joined the junior kindergarden at West Vernon Children's Center to help them make birdhouses for birds to live and build a nest for their eggs.