Selecting a contractor can feel like a daunting task. Sometimes a person doesn’t know where to start. Here are a few questions that can help make the process a bit easier:
  • Who are the key people that will be working on the project? How long have they been with the company? What are their qualifications? Do they have trade tickets & certification?
  • Does the company use the same sub trades for every project? A company that has an established            relationship with their sub trades provides consistency and added reliability during a project.
  • Do they require a contract? A contract that clarifies responsibilities and details related to the project is important for both parties.
  • Do they take care of permits for each element of the project?
  • How is billing handled? For example, do they have an hourly rate and how do they handle extras? This should all be covered in the contract.
  • Are all of the workers covered with WCB? Is the company in good standing with WCB? Proof of this should be provided.
  • Does the company carry liability insurance? How much? Proof of this should be provided.
  • How much of a down payment is required upon signing the contract? 10% is a reasonable amount. If a company requests more than this, it could be a sign of cash flow problems, which can escalate into bigger problems such as unfinished work.
  • What is the guarantee on material and workmanship?
  • How do you handle warranty issues and who is responsible for dealing with them?
  • Can the company provide references for both the company and the suppliers?
  • Can the company provide samples of their work?
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There are a number of factors a person should consider when selecting a company to work on their renovation or construction project. Here are few of the most important:
·       How many years have they been working in the area?
·       Do they have relevant experience with the project?
·       Do they hear what you are saying (communication skills)?
·       Are they compatible with you?
·       Are they financially stable?
·       Do they appear to be honest?
·       Are they reliable?
·       Are they respectful?
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